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Before and After:Falling in Love Again with Your Old Fur

We have a full time on premises remodel an alteration department that can totally recreate your old fur. Fred Gelb loves the creative challenge bringing a whole new wearable life to furs so they become exciting and fun to wear again. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Most often, you can alter your fur by narrowing it to a leaner silhouette, or simply moving a hook and eye to give it a totally new look in style for today’s fashion.

Since we have such an incredible selection of styles and sizes you will be able to choose and see exactly how you will look in your “new fur”. Occasionally, the fur may be too old or dry and we will not let you waste your money—but we can only tell this by actually seeing it.

So, you can:

Shear You Old Fur to a Velvety Lightweight Today Look

Reduce those oversize shoulders

Narrow the very wide full sleeves

Raise that too low armhole

Narrow that boxy too big coat to a lean silhouette

Re-dye the oxidized faded color to look brand new

Make your formal coat into a casual everyday jacket

Make it reversible or as a liner to an all weather coat

Shorten that coat to a wearable knee everyday length

Reduce that heavy weight on your shoulders

Make a cool vest to wear après ski or out to lunch

Fur pillows or a stunning couch blanket


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